RadX Mobile 1.0

Source:SmartMed Apps

Radiology technologist’s mobile positioning guide.

✓Complete positioning guide for over 100 exams!
✓Includes customizable technique chart for EVERY exam!
✓Technique charts customizable to patient size and even your location.
✓Easy to read positioning instructions and variables!
✓Pictures of positioning and and the x-ray itself!
✓Customizable technique Quick Fetch chart for when you only need technique.
✓Customizable series section! Who can really remember every position in a complete bone survey?
✓Customizable hospital extension directory! Look up and DIAL any extension for any hospital department right from your iPhone!
✓New positions added according to your needs! We will add additional exams according to our customers needs. If we get an overwhelming request for a particular exam we will work to add it as soon as possible.
✓Check out our website for additional information.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 22:15:01
File size:18MB
OS:Android 1.5 and up